We are thrilled to have you here! You are in the right place if you know what you want to say and you would like to make a difference through your expression.  We offer you the best outlet to do it.  Let Black Istri Entertainment Studio be your choice.  We are here for you where compassion is at the heart of everything we do.


Our Podcasts offer informative shows, discussing topics like, personal health and wellness, business, investment strategies, personal finance, sales strategies, pain management, mental health, personal development, remodeling, real estate and a whole lot more. We speak to what matters!  We will also conduct interviews with influential professionals in our community and beyond. You will perceive new perspectives and influences on your path to success.


You will want to subscribe to this show so that you can stay up to date on all the happenings with Black Istri Entertainment, live events and other resources. What makes Black Istri Entertainment Podcast so fascinating is that we believe in helping others grow and develop the greater you to be whole in body mind and spirit.  We aim to inspire, motivate and entertain by spreading the word.

We would love to know which resources work for you and to personally answer your questions. You can reach us at our website at Blackistrientertainment.com/podcast. You can also engage us through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and Twitch. We would like to invite you to join, like, share and subscribe to the Podcasts so you never miss an episode.

Thank you for taking the journey with us!

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