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Broadcasting since 2021, Black Istri Internet Radio provides the best mix of Reggae music for years to come. Black Istri Internet Radio is dedicated to providing the biggest hits as well as the deep cuts, so the mix is always unlike anything you have ever heard!

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Featuring some of the newest and hottest artists as well as the legends, you can trust Black Istri Internet Radio to be your #1 spot for all genres and livestream radio events and music.


Featuring some of the best DJ’s in the industry, Black Istri Internet Radio and Podcast offers up in-depth discussions on current events, Livestream DJ and voiceful events as well as lots of your favorite artists across a plethora of music.


In search of music for your work day, weekday entertainment or simply relaxation? Look no further than Black Istri Internet Radio! We've got your kind of music on tap all day every day, making us the perfect work day, relaxing, memory lane and couples' companion!

Chill out on Sunday evening with the best praise and worship gospel that soothes your soul connecting you to your Creator, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and move on into the sound of a mix of R&B.  Our goal is to connect, relax and ease your mind.

Need some uplifting motivational gospel, reggae/gospel in your life? Tune into Black Istri Internet Radio Gospel segments for your fix! You can also catch us live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.


Get back to the good old days, like driving around town worry-free with your friends, with Black Istri Internet Radio! We play your favorite hits from current to yester years, like walking down memory lane.


If it's uplifting music, Black Istri Internet Radio plays it! We've got all the best entertainment tracks from international artists, including the Caribbean, Africa, local and upcoming artists.


Black Istri Internet Radio plays a blend of reggae Gospel and African Gospel to boost your spirituality for worship while keeping our mission alive; to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain.

Black Istri Internet Radio plays a mix of genres with the goal of providing diverse human connection through musical deluge, informative programs and entertainment to uplift the mind, body and soul and encourage reverence to God across all cultures and ethnicities, one event at a time.

"Broadcasting from Maryland, United States East Coast, Black Istri Internet Radio plays a variety of music, ranging from the 50’s to the present, including the latest gospel hits, reggae gospel, R&B, country, calypso, disco and more. You will hear many music legends.

We exist to Inspire, Motivate, Educate and Entertain.

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