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  Launched in early 2021, Black Istri Entertainment is on a

mission to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain through 

uplifting radio, superior sound and powerful podcasts. 


How It All Began



Hi I'm DJ BOS$. I started Black Istri Entertainment because I desired a fulfilled life, success and to win at the game of life, however, life is filled with challenges for which I was not prepared and could not imagine, but I was willing to participate in the game. I was amazed to discover history unfolding before my very eyes with each passing moment. 

To capture such history (Istri) defined by the music that spoke to me on my journey of life, gave rise to an enriched soul and fulfilled a thirst to birth and share a dream.  Black Istri Entertainment is that dream!  Against innumerable odds and adversities, perseverance was the only option.  Black Istri Entertainment was destined for fruition. Music so often speaks to human emotions and beckons at the soul’s desire with a significant and profound difference relinquishing our pre-existing setting; our history. Music connects us to our past, teaches us about ourselves in the present and pushes us forward through this journey of life. It entertains briefly because it can only be enjoyed in the now while ushering in the future. I beckon to encourage, inspire, inform, motivate and move you toward your own desire for growth and personal development.


Birth brings with it the sound of tears that eventually harmonizes in joy like the pain a new mother experiences until the sound of that pain resonates with joy and hope, filled with endless possibilities. The voice echo’s with innocence and ignorance of its existence but with exuberance to survive. Precariously the world awaits ambitiously to challenge every fiber of its existence, hence that call is answered with the defeat to the pessimism of failure. The innocence of existence presents no remorse, while pillows of tears strengthens its resolve.  Pity is replaced for love, while the sound of music, near and far, permeate hope and silences fears.  Determination and encouragement devoured struggle and perpetuated ambition; the desire and the audacity of perseverance. Hope prevailed and faith delivered because the presence of almighty GOD delivers on a promise to never forsake the believer. 


If you stare long enough at darkness, light will appear. Trust and believe all things are possible and without a vision one will perish.  This was once a vision, now an historical relic and a beacon of hope to those whose lives will be touched. This is truth.  God and those persons privy to my life bear witness to my struggle and success!  I hope this kindles your spirit. Can you truly say in your heart there is no GOD?

Black Istri Entertainment aims to massage your mind-- Inspire, Motivate, Educate and Entertain.

Meet the Team


DJ Digital


DJ Big B


DJ Super D


DJ Robert


DJ Danny Paul

Sound Engineer


Studio Engineer


Music & Studio Engineer

Jacob Nii Vanderpuye

Finance Podcast Host

Angella Allison-Davis,

Psy.D, Mdiv 

Mental Health Podcast Host